Wednesday, December 1, 2010

#SUMMITFAIL - Eclipse DVD Release

Today on Twitter, we've been discussing the HUGE fail that is Summit.  Where is all of the Eclipse DVD hype?!  WTH, Summit? 

For the past two years, I have attended at least one DVD release party...sometimes TWO.  Usually, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Hot Topic, Wal-Mart, and Hastings always have a DVD release party for the newest Twilight movie.  This year, the only DVD release parties I can find are at Wal-Mart and a few at Hastings.  I normally despise Wal-Mart, but I'm totally loving them right now, because if it weren't for them there would be no where to go get an Eclipse DVD at midnight.  If you're looking for a DVD release party, you can go to and they have a place where you can plug in your zip code and they'll show you all the local stores that are hosting them. 

I think we have to blame Summit for this.  They should be doing better marketing for the movie.  I realize they're all busy with the filming of Breaking Dawn, but what about us?  What about the fans that keep this franchise going?  We want a little excitement for the freaking Eclipse DVD release!  I was hoping for some star appearances like they did last year for New Moon.  I mean surely EVERYONE isn't busy.  I guess they've just spoiled us with all the hoopla in the past.

Here are my plans...go to Wal-Mart and get my copy at 12:01 and enjoy a little festivities, because it just wouldn't seem right without it, and then buy the Deluxe Edition at Target the next day. 

I've been buying the Borders Deluxe Edition and I've read that Target is now carrying that particular version.

So, where are you buying your Eclipse DVD? What version are you buying?

I know some of you are having DVD parties...I want to hear all about it!  I need to live vicariously through you.  I think I'll just have my own little party by myself.  I have a whole box of stuff left over from the premiere's an Eclipse party just waiting to happen!


Trixie & Tess


MiMi said...

I wonder if Summit is thinking that we all know when it's being release because we're die hard fans so they don't need to waste the money??
They need to woo us. Make us more excited. Stupid Summit.
I have actually seen 2, TWO!! commercials for the movie. Weird.

TheonlyMrs(Kassie)Cullen said...

Maybe I watch too much TV <--- understatement of the effing year
but I have seen the Eclipse commercials at least 30 times each in the past 7ish days. I think they could do more marketing with the stores though booooo on Summit.

I'm buying the two disc from Target. I think I pre-ordered the single disc but for the life of me can't remember ahhh oh well I might just end up with two *cough*three but-won't-say-where-the-mysterious-copy-came-from*cough*

Can't wait to share our TJA Eclipse party with you.

Smitten said...

I noticed this when Eclipse came to the theatres as well. I thought the previews would be all over the tv, but I only ever saw 2!!! And that's about all I've seen for the dvd release as well. I agree, they probably realized they could save all that money cuz we'd buy it even without any advertising.

Not sure which I'm buying yet. The options here in Canada are terrible compared to the US, in fact there might be only one option (doesn`t that mean it`s really an option).

Dangrdafne said...

I am bummed because I finally have people to go to a party with and there is no party to go to :(

Living with Edward and I will get together on Friday and then hopefully on Saturday we will go and meet inotu and TeamSixPack for lunch or dinner to celebrate the DVD release :)

I hope everyone has fun!!

TongueTwied said...

More Summit fail, I'm sure. I think of something almost daily, especially while out shopping, that I think "Why Isn't there an Eclipse version of this?" regarding various merchandise especailly when I see so much for other movies or Glee.

I'm betting their merch/ad dept is a 1-person operation that slacks off all day by blog hopping, to which I say, s/he has been on the wrong blogs. ;)

hotpants™ said...

We went to a lame Borders event the first year. We made our own fun though. For New Moon, we just picked up our dvds at Walmart and went home. There weren't any events. This year, we're going to try and go to Hastings. It's the only local event I can find. I've never been to an event there, but I'm guessing it won't be great. I'm thinking I'm going to have my own party at the very end.