Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meet Steph Meyer

10 lucky Twifans will get an advanced copy of The Official Illustrated Guide AND get to sit down and chat with THE Stephenie Meyer!

For details on entering, go to The Twilight Saga.

The Official Illustrated Guide will be available on April 12, 2011, but you can pre-order now at Amazon.

Would you like to win a chance to meet Steph Meyer in person?!  What would you say?  What would you wear?!  Oh, the decisions.

What IF Rob were to see you naked?  Oh, wait.  Wha?  Come back tomorrow to discuss IRWTSMN!

Trixie & Tess

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Breaking Dawn Trailer on MTV Movie Awards?

Ask yourself this one very important question...

Can you wait until June 5th?

That's when the 2011 MTV Movie awards will air. It is rumored that they will (again) have the exclusive on the Breaking Dawn 1 trailer.

I'm being totally honest with you guys here. I'm not sure I can wait. I'm having major Twilight/Rob/Edward withdrawls. I'm liable to something crazy. I'm not sure what, but something...get another Twilight tattoo or fly across the country to breath the same air as Twi stars...go on a ridiculous shopping spree for more Twi merch...or eat a whole carton of those adorable Eclipse cupcakes I saw at Hell-Mart last night.  Something. 

Trixie and I were just talking today and we've agreed that life has lost purpose. Edward is like our (midnight)sun and he's left us due to an Eclipse...Twilight seems so far away and a New Moon is no where around. The only things that can save us is a Breaking Dawn.
 This is like a life we're drowning in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (that's a big damn ocean) and Robward threw us a life preserver. 

What do you guys think?  Will BD1 trailer air at MTV Movie Awards?  Will Summit srsly make us wait THAT long?  Do they hate us or what? 

How are you coping these days?  Does it feel like we're never going to get to see The Precious on the big screen ever again?...does 11.18.11 seem like a million years away?

Dish with us.  Tell us how you feel.  It makes us feel more normal.
Trixie & Tess

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kristen Wants To Pay It Forward

Have you seen this drop-dead-gorgeous cover of Vogue with Kristen on it?

She is absolutely stunning.  I'll definitely be adding that to my collection.

Inside the February issue of Vogue, Kristen discusses the fame and fortune that Twilight has brought her.  She talks about the inconveniences of no longer being able to just go to the mall and blend in...she feels like she'll always be "the Twilight girl". 

When asked what she plans to do with her recent bump in salary, she said that she would like to open some half-way houses for people who are struggling to get back on their feet.  She said after delving into her role as a stripper in Welcome To The Rileys, she saw the need for something like that.

I think that is very admirable.  One thing that is for sure, is that Kristen takes her roles seriously and personally...they become a part of her.  I think it's great that she wants to give back.

If you were getting the bank roll that some of the Twi-stars are getting right now, what would you do with it?Trixie & Tess

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WFE Reshoots

Did you notice that Rob was sporting some auburn hair at the Golden Globes?

Apparently, Robowski showed up.  I love Robowski.  It's been a while.

*pardon me while I fangirl and swoon for a moment*

I'm counting down the days until Water For Elephants!  Come on, April 22nd!

According to blogs and rumors, the WFE cast was called back for some reshoots.  I read a few different times that there is a "surprise ending"...sounds exciting.  I'm fine with anything "surprise", as long as they don't screw with the story line.  I hate when books are translated to film and they jack everything up by changing the ending. 

Any guesses on the "surprise ending"?

Are you as excited as we are to see Rob on the big screen again?!

Trixie & Tess

Monday, January 17, 2011

We have yet to discuss...

We have all seen it, studied it for hours, the infamous first look at Edward and Bella's honeymoon (at least the parts we want to see)...

Thanks to Twifans for the pic.

and discuss.....

We want to hear your thoughts.  Is it everything you dreamed, everything you hoped for?  Has anyone stopped staring long enought to actually read the article?  What does it say?  Does it make you more or less excited for Breaking Dawn?
Trixie & Tess

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Golden Globes are tonight!!!

The Golden Globes are tonight and I can hardly wait!  I have always loved awards shows.  I love watching to see what everyone is wearing. Speaking of which, did you catch Rob and Kristen on the People's Choice Awards a couple of weeks ago?  Let me refresh your memory...

Kristen looks stunning.  Her dress is gorgeous, make-up flawless, and I think she has been working out because those legs look a lot more toned.  Rob, although we always think he is gorgeous, looks like he is getting...comfortable.  You know when you get comfortable in a relationship and don't have to try as hard anymore.  Remember this guy?  The guy who was still trying to catch the elusive Kristen?

He was dead sexy.  I hope Rob looks more like the second picture than the first tonight.  Although, those two still look adorable together and I just realized that they match, how cute!

So how about you, which Rob do you want to see tonight?



Trixie & Tess

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Did You Miss Us?

I know you're probably wondering WTH happened to those TNT girls. 

OK, you're probably not and it's just totally conceited of us to think that you are.  We know you have lots better things to do than to worry your pretty little heads about our whearabouts, but we're totally thankful to those of you who have Tweeted, PM'd, or Emailed your concerns!  It's nice to be missed.

I know I speak for Trixie too, when I say that We've really missed you guys!  We've missed the blog and pouring over our Rob/Twilight blogs everyday.  We hate being outta the loop!

When I'm not here, I feel like a piece of me is missing.  I know that sounds a bit kooky, but let's face it...I'm a bit kooky.

I wish I had some great Rob news to tell you, or a fabulous new Robsten pic to post...some Twi gossip, or set news...BREAKING Breaking Dawn news...or whether or not Ashley stole that Jonas boys' virginity.

But I've got nothing.

Actually, I was kind of hoping that you all could catch me up to speed. 

Do you have any Twi related news/gossip that we need to hear about?

To tidy up some blogging business from 2010, our winner of the Twilight in Forks DVD, copy of Bree Tanner, and the New Moon wall thingys is...

CherylSab!  Congrats!! 

Email us your address and we'll get your Twistuff out to you ASAP!

Later this week, Trixie is going to discuss Rob's fashion choices from the People's Choice Awards.  Is he getting too comfortable in his relationship with Kristen? 

Also, we'll discuss what we're anticipating for the Golden Globes and Oscars. 

*crossing our fingers* for a whole lotta Robsten!

It's good to be back!

~TessTrixie & Tess