Thursday, February 3, 2011

TNT Confession Booth - Slump Edition

From time to time, Trixie and I have opened up a post that we like the title TNT Confession Booth. 

We've been in a slump and we're trying to get back on track.  So, we thought what better way to jump back in than with a Confession Booth post.  We can clear the air and move forward.  

What is the Confession Booth, you ask?  Basically, its where you can leave your deepest darkest secrets and no one will be the wiser.  
Here's how it works:

Leave an anonymous comment to this post and get whatever you need to off your chest.  Trix and I have turned off all statcounter and feedjit accounts and we have no idea who you are.

Have you lost all track of Rob and now you feel guilty? Confess it here.

Did you spend $2,000 on Twi-Crap (or non-Twi-Crap) and your husband doesn't know?  Confess it here.

Have you totally blown your IRWTSMN Diet?  Confess.  Spill it.

Are you some sort of sick pervert pedophile? DON'T CONFESS IT HERE.  

You get the idea.  This is a way to relieve some tension and have some fun.  We will leave the confession booth open all weekend and next Tuesday we'll do a wrap-up, where we'll highlight some of our favorite confessions...anonymously, of course.

Try it.  It's very cleansing...and cheaper than therapy.

Trixie & Tess


Anonymous said...


I'll BBL when I can think of something good!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm confessions are good for the soul right? Or is that chicken soup, I can't really remember. Anyway back on topic I'd like to confess to breaking my IRWTSMN diet, spending ungodly hours reading fanfiction, bloggy failures of the highest degree, shooting a man in Reno just to watch him die, and I have not watched any of the saga since last year. Hold the shocked outrage it was only December but I am still ashamed.
Feels good to get that all out there. Thanks T&T

Anonymous said...

I have no motivation to do much of anything. I have a to do list that takes up two pages and I have no want to do anything on it. I am eating out of control. I am out of control. I am not happy and even though I am trying to work on it, some days I just wonder if I am going to get back to happy. Very tired. Thanks for the outlet.

Anonymous said...

I had a steamy steamy youonlywishsomeonecoulddothosethingsinreallife dream about Rob...not Edward...Rob. He actually still had his auburn WFE hair. So hawt. We were in the middle of some extracurricular was the best I had ever my dreams or in real life. Then, my husband woke me up. I was pissed.

Anonymous said...

I bought 4 Pocket Edwards in one week. I found a good deal on Amazon. You just can't pass opportunity like that up.

Oh, and the biggest confession is that I purchased a Jacob...for entertainment purposes.

Anonymous said...

I once sat and watched hours of clips of RPattz at one time. Like hours and hours.

Anonymous said...

I L-O-V-E love your confession booths!!!!

Here's my confession this time...I love my current boyfriend, he reminds me of a mix between Rob and Taylor. Sweet with a great smile, but makes me laugh! However, I still have feelings for a past crush. I don't like him, but I still feel like there's unsettled air between us. I want to move on with my current boyfriend because I do love him, but this guy keeps popping up!

My current boyfriend has helped me start running again and is helping me with my diet, but it's like this looming thing beteen me and this other guy that I want to settle, but I feel like it won't ever be. Should I try to talk to him and work things out or just try to get over it?

Love you, girls!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that my husband will eventually grow impatient with my panic disorder and lose his empathy that keeps me going.

Anonymous said...

Do I have a confession for you... but I don't have time right now.. I will be back later however!

Anonymous said...

I have a crush.
She's super duper cute.
She's sassy.
She makes me feel so good about myself.
She knows my deepest darkest secrets.
I often wonder what she tastes like when I'm sober but I'm afraid that people will laugh if I try to taste her.
I often want to sleep with her but it never works out because my husband gets in the way and says it's WRONG.

I'm a sucker for my favorite cutesy wine glass! She loves me and I love her right back.

Too bad I can't post her picture!
*wink, wink*