Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Did Twilight Kill Your Romance?

On my commute to work one morning last week, the snarky radio guys were discussing none other that my fav topic...Twilight. However, they were not discussing who's hotter or which book is best. They were discussing the topic of whether or not Twilight has a negative effect in the bedroom.
A guy has written a book about how romance novels (like Twilight) are bad for real relationships.

I have looked high and low on the Internet to find the author and book title, but I can't find it! If you know what I'm talking about, please let us know in the comments. I'll add the name and author and a link/reference.

What are your feelings on this topic?

Do you think Twilight and other romance novels have an adverse effect on what goes on in the bedroom?

Do you think reading books like Twilight gives us unrealistic hopes of what our romances should be like?

Trixie and I know how we feel about the topic, but we want to hear from you!

There is a poll at the bottom where you can vote...or leave your opinions/input in the comments...or both.

We'll revisit this topic soon and discuss every one's opinions.

Trixie & Tess


Brandy@YDK said...

I voted. made it better. there's nothin like a steamy book to get the engine revving.

MiMi said...

This is hilarious. I mean, some women might have had it ruin their relationship. The ones who think their men should sparkle. You know.

MiMi said...

Is it one of the links here:

Kelly said...

This is gonna be a long comment.. you may want to grab a snack :)

The Twilight books may create unrealistic expectations if you are younger in age.. still have a set of relationship rose colored glasses on... have never been in a relationship before... and if you live in a fantasy world.

I think a lot of grown men are complaining about the cause and effect of Twilight because they just don't get it. I don't believe there is even one of us who believes a 108 year frozen at 17 year old vampire is going to come and rescue us.

What I believe has come out of the books, .. was a reminder. Of what new love is about...the excitement of the unknown... when will he touch me, when will he hold my hand, when will he hug me, when will he kiss me... all those new things that are some of the best parts of a relationship.. Rob himself said that it was about that moment just before... you know.. just before you jump in with both feet.

For me personally, it was all those things, but also.. reading the books... and then seeing them come to life in the movies... the entire experience gave me such a feeling of possibility... of hope.. of what it feels like to dream.

I honestly wish that every person at some point in their lives, has something that makes them feel the way this story has made me feel. I think it's personal.. I don't expect any more from my husband and our relationship then I did before I read the books... they just made me smile.. still to this day.

If anything men should take a lesson from the books... maybe we are craving a little old fashioned romance. That may mean a little extra effort from them.. and that is really what they are complaining about.

*Stepping down off soap box now*

TheonlyMrs(Kassie)Cullen said...

My last relationship ended before Twilight came into my life but even if it was it wouldn't have affected my relationship. I didn't have unrealistic expectations going in to the relationship... but the asshat I was dating clearly thought they were.

Now if I had a relationship and you asked me how ff affected it.. now that would be a whole different story :)

TongueTwied said...

Uhh...ditto to Kelly.

Twilight has provided a platform for romantic gestures, if RL guys are willing to put in the effort. And some do.

I saw a girl on craigslist selling her heart/wolf charm bracelet her ex-boyfriend had given her. I thought his gesture was very romantic. lol

Olivia Carter said...

I agree I think that for some impressionable younger girls it can create unrealiztic expectations- ie: expecting a guy to be gorgeous, rich, completely understanding of your shirtless boy best friend, etc.

But it can also teach some girls that you can expect to be treated well. There are nice guys who aren't going to be jerks. It's okay to look for a nice guy just don't expect him to sparkle.

I also think it's bad for girls to look at Edward & think that's a normal way for a boyfriend to act- ie: sleeping in your bedroom every night, staring at you when you sleep, tearing apart your car to "protect you". I loved the book as much as the next girl but Edward read a little possessive especially the second time reading it.

For women that are a little older, more experienced, I think it can ad a little spice. Nothing wrong with that. I'm sure my husband was grateful for the increase of action he got while i was reading them :)

ameyer13 said...

Very interesting perspective and you are probably not far off. I think folks who dwell in a fantasy world in their minds at times in their waking life are far more eager to take a bus out of reality. Within romance novels are the wants and desires written purely from one's standpoint and it usually involves the innermost appetite. So taken realistically, can only be cutting into the probably of ever finding a way out of the expectation of fantasy. I travel a lot for work through Dish Network so I'm on the road a lot. I get a lot of reading done but I love history as well and believe that there is continuum out there that comes close to all our fantasies. I recently acquired a Sling Adapter which is also a nice distraction from the mundane aspects of life, it works with my iPad so I can pretty much watch any of my Dish services anywhere I go as well as read an umber of different books all from the same place. I guess I'm lucky that I travel so much and get opportunities to analyze many different perspectives but one thing I can say. When it comes to my relationships I'm far more realistic in life than when I'm enjoying all the distractions of the best entertainment service in the universe.

TwiRK_World said...

I gotta chime in on this one. Twilight DID NOT kill the romance in my marriage. If anything it did the opposite. I wouldn't be surprised if my husband kissed Stephenie's feet if we ever met her.
Twilight reminded me of the first time I fell in love with him and then I was introduced to fanfiction. And without getting true crude I will say he benefits greatly from it!
We've always had a good relationship, don't get me wrong. But being reminded of true love and then watching Rob & Kristen in real life fall in love I was more appreciative of the awesome man I married and we've become closer. I mean any man that supports his wife's Rob addiction and allows her to spend hrs blogging is a really good guy and I reward him daily for his love and thank Twilight for nudging me to rekindle some of the spark;)

Dangrdafne said...

If a book affects your marriage there are more problems than the book.