Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Twilight/Rob Pattinson Coloring Contest...and our 200th Post

200 posts.

Seems pseudo-monumental to us and you know how we would like to celebrate??

A coloring contest.

More about that in a minute.

We've had this blog open for a while now and we thought you might like to know a little bit more about Trixie and I, so we're opening up the comments to any questions you'd like to ask us...nothing is really "off-limits". We'll compile our answers in a post next week when we announce the winner to the coloring contest.

Back to the coloring contest.

So, over the weekend an email was passed around our little Twitard community by the lovely Marie from Twilight Junkies Anonymous and attached was a link to a Robert Pattinson coloring sheet.

Scruff and all.

We thought it would be fun to host a little friendly competition.

So, break out the Crayolas. Download the coloring sheet and get to coloring.  Then send us a picture of your coloring sheet. You can either post a picture on your blog and tell us the link, send us a picture via e-mail, or post it to Twitter. You can either scan it in or take a picture with your phone...however you can get it to us will be great! We will then compile all of the pictures into a post and open up a poll for voting.  If you have a blog, we would love to link your picture to your blog.  Whoever gets the most votes, will win the contest!  Sound easy enough??  Any questions??  Email us if you need to.

Here's the link to the coloring sheet -  click here

Recap of the rules:
1. Download coloring sheet and print it out.
2. Take a picture or scan in your piece of art.
3. Post it to your blog or send us the picture in an email.
4. Come back and vote on your favorite.
5. Also, feel free to ask us a question in the comments.

The winner will get The Robert Pattinson Album! It is FULL of pictures of His Hottness. It's in full color and it's a must-have for any RPattz fan/Twihard. (BONUS: If Trixie and I can get our hands on a copy of the new Vanity Fair, we'll include a copy of that as well!)

The contest/giveaway will end next Tuesday at Twilight. I just wanted to say that. Anything submitted by Tuesday night (March 8th) at midnight will be included in the contest. We'll have the pictures posted and a poll up by Thursday, March 10th.  (Voting will be open all weekend)  Then we'll post a blog post with our answers to your questions and the winner of the coloring contest on Monday, March 14th!

Trixie & Tess
P.S.  I've never in all my life been more turned on by an Amish Alligator Wrestler. OK, I've never been turned on by and Amish Alligator Wrestler...but I am now...
*on shelves now*


Smitten said...

You've never before been turned on by an Amish alligator wrestler? What rock do you live under? :P

A colouring contest, I love it. What a cute idea! Can we enter more than once if inspiration strikes? What about my kids, can I enter their works of Rob-art?

Off to think up some no-hold-barred questions!


UtterlyAbsurd Bella said...

LOL! See what I started! Should be fun. Is this a crayons only contest, or are color pencils allowed? Just wondering.

rpfangirljr said...

CONGRATS ONTHE BIG 2-OH-OH!!! Awesome girls!

I have to figure out how to color Rob, not to win, just to color him.

TheonlyMrs(Kassie)Cullen said...

This is gonna be so much fun!! I'll have to come back with a question for you... I need time to think of something good muahaha.

Brandy@YDK said...

This sounds like so much fun. And is it crayolas only? I feel like that stifles my creativity.

MiMi said...

How fun! A good old fashioned coloring contest!
Do we have to stay in the lines??
I might have a problem with that.
Holy crap bring on the Amish Gator Wrestler!

belladuluk said...

Finally, the teacher gets to color! I'm going to tell my students I'm entering this contest and I'm sure they will cheer me on. Lucky kids, I've already given them these Rob sheets (and I had to include Taylor and Justin Beiber ones, they are 10 year olds)
Yay, I get to be one of them!
I was just you think Rob fell in love with the gator as much as he did with Rosie? Knowing him he probably adopted it too.
Since I don't know you much, one question wouldn't be enough. Maybe you will post all the Q&A's so we can read them all???

Alisha said...

Just shared an award with you guys over at BNR!

Impulsive Addict said...

I'm AWESOME at coloring!!! It's so relaxing and I miss it. I colored a lot with my students. There is a small problem. I have zero crayons or colored pencils or markers.

WAIT...I may have some in my teacher stuff in the attic. I'll see. I may be able to enter and kick some azz!

Impulsive Addict said...

Ooooo...I think I have some sharpies. I could color with sharpies, right?