Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rob's Birthday Blog Train : Day 2

Hello, bloggy loves! 
Where the hellz have we been?? 
Holy geez. 
It's been like 3 WEEKS since the last post. 

I can explain.

I tripped  er slipped er did a header jumped head first into the land of fan fic.

I know you all understand the pull of fan fic.  It's like a magnet.  It's my sun and I'm just revolving around it right now.

However, I'm breaking out of my fan fic stupor to celebrate Rob's Birthday, because it is something to be celebrated.

I'm linking up today with Jeanette from Robmusement and all the other Rob-lovin' bloggers on Rob's Birthday Blog Train.  On today's agenda is writing a Birthday Letter to Rob.  So, here goes...

Dearest Rob,

I love you.  Sorry, was that too strong...too fast?  Well, I just didn't want today to go by without me getting my feelings out.  I tend to ramble. 

So, your birthday is coming up and well, it's definitely something to be celebrated.  I feel like I should send a HUGE thank you gift to Clare.  She did the world an immense good deed the day she gave birth to you.  Perhaps, we should ask the Pope if she could have sainthood status?  That seems appropriate.

Back to you, I just want to say thanks for being you.  I would never want to change one thing about you.  I love all your quirky, awkward, and adorable ways.  I love the way you stumble through interviews from time to time.  It lets me know that you're just human.  I sometimes forget that with your other-worldly good looks.  I love the way you run your hands through your hair when you're nervous or annoyed or uncomfortable.  Your fingers are amazing...and your hair is equally gratifying.  I'll take you anyway I can get you.  I love Beanie Rob, RayBan Rob, Scruffy Rob, Clean-Cut Rob, Short-hair Rob, Sex-Hair Rob (I REALLY love this version), Robowski, Robward...and now that I'm reading Fan Fic I have a whole new repertoire of Rob's to love...Fifty, Mafiaward, Beautiful Bastard.  Do you know about Fan Fic?  *achem*perhaps you should take a gander*or not*blushingoverhere*

No matter what role you're playing...or who you're pretending to be...it's you, Rob...it's always you.

So, on your birthday I just want to tell you to just keep being you.  It's pure perfection.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful.


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itsjustme1217 said...

Very sweet

Kelly said...

Dear Rob,

I Love you too.....

Just saying :)


Great letter.. so sweet!

BellaTesoro said...

Your letter was a pure as Rob himself!

(I hear you with the ff...sounds like you've got it as bad as I do) Love every minute of it too.

MiMi said...

I think we share a birthday. BOOOYAH!!!!

TongueTwied said...

"I love you. Is that too strong?"

*lmao* Umm, I'm with Bella on this, "No, it's actually kinda perfect. Thank you."


UtterlyAbsurd Bella said...

Loved the letter girls!
I wonder if Rob knows about FF and what a naughty boy he is in them! LOL Can you imagine if he read a nice lemony ff! That would be awesome!

Dangrdafne said...

I loved your letter. It was honest and full of love and admiration - who couldn't love that.

Glad you are enjoying Fan Fic - it can be overwhelming but it is fun.