Friday, June 24, 2011

Fan Fic Friday with Tess

Two weeks, I told you I was reading The Submissive Trilogy. I finished up with The Training (last of the trilogy) on last Monday.  The Sub Trilogy is AH-mazing!!  My sensei, @allthingsHHH told me that it was a MUST-read for all fanfic readers and like a good grasshopper, I read it.  She was's like a classic.  Everyone should read it!  (click HERE)

After The Sub, I quickly jumped into The Tutor by ItzMegan73. You can find it on (click HERE).

The Tutor was SOOOOOO flippin' good!!  It's about Edward and Bella as high school students and Bella is a new transfer into Forks High.  I'm sure you can guess from the title that someone is a tutor and someone a tutoree (<---is that a word?).  Anyhoo, it's a beautifully written story about E&B and it has a HEA, which is essential.  The relationships of Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmet are a fun part of the story.  I always enjoy seeing how an author is going to incorporate the supporting roles.  Edward is a badass, which is hott.  I highly recommend!!

After The Tutor, I started reading my next fic...STAT.

That's the way I deal with ending a fic, I just immediately immerse myself in a new one. If I don't, the deep dark i-miss-Edward-so-much depression sets in and I get all emo and junk. It's not pretty. You should have seen me after I finished Emancipation Proclamation (my first fic). I was such a newbie and I didn't know where to go next. Similar to when I finished the Twilight Saga for the first time. You remember that feeling of emptiness and loneliness...sitting around wondering what Edward and Bella are up to. Thank goodness for Twitter and for super awesome friends who lead me in the right direction.

So, now I know. I have to have my next fic on the back burner...ready to go.

So, after finishing the Tutor...I can't tell you what I read because it's classified...ya know, "contraband" and I don't want someone using mean words and ALL CAPS at me in the comments or on Twitter, so I'll keep it myself.  Thankyouverymuch.

Can I say that I think it's a damn shame that amazing fics have to be pulled?!  It is such a travesty. (<---again flair for the dramatics.)  In all seriousness, I've read a few fics now that are considered "contraband" and I can't imagine never getting the chance to read them. 

I'm currently reading Caged Bird Sings by @suzie55.  It feels good to be able to openly discuss a fic again!  You can find CBS and the rest of Suzie's fics on (click HERE) and you can chit chat w/ Suzie on Twitter @suzie55...she's all shades of awesome!

What are you reading? Do you have any rec's for me?? Do you need a rec...looking for something to read?

Let's talk fic!


Trixie & Tess


Corinne said...

thanks for the fanfics. I needed something to do on this rainy friday.

TheRugbymom said...

I also hate when favorite stories are pulled. Now I spend a considerable amount of time each weekend downloading recently completed stories to my Kindle to ensure I will get to read them some day. *Paranoid*

If an author get's published, that's awesome. I've purchased several great stories that started out as fan fiction. But I will always love the Edward/Bella versions best. I truly regret that I never got to read Poughkeepsie. I hope Mrs. The King get's it published some day so we can all enjoy it.

My To Be Read list it way longer than the holy peen. Thank God FanFiction is like laundry - it's never done! Itzmegan73 has some other great fics that are "must reads". The Cannabean Betrothal [complete] and A Rough Start [almost finished].

BriPete said...

It sucks when you've finished reading a really great fic. I have to say that it doesn't always happen this way, but when it does, it's like a punch to the gut. I was just recently reading "The Tutor" and thought it was quite sweet. At the moment, I'm looking for some sweet light-hearted fic. It seems like I tend to stumble upon quite a bit of angst and that just leaves me in need of something easy; I go back and forth.
The Submissive triology was pretty great. It was my first D/s fic and it paved the way for bigger and better things. :)
As for "contraband" fics....I FREAKING love them! I have a pretty great one that had me from chapter one, and it was quite difficult to tear myself away from it during work, I didn't.
So, I'm looking for some more good reads, what's up next on your "to read list"? I have quite a few, but am not sure where to start. I will say that I am currently reading a work in progress "Animate Me" by abstract way. This story has a very adorable geekward, and it tends to make me smile each time I read it. Just a suggestion. :)

Dangrdafne said...

We read the Triology at the same time :) You just finished up waaay before me LOL.

I just finished Twinned and except for a rough read in the beginning, it turned out pretty amazing. I really enjoyed it and I recommend it. 17foreverlisa was my pimp for that one and the follow up Seventeen Men which I will start as soon as it is finished - which I think might be 1 more chapter.

I am glad you are enjoying your FF!!

RobzSinger said...

i'm finally finishing Wallbanger. such a cute, fluffy story and the author gives a lot of fic recs at the end of each chapter.
i'm also reading PoF (which you know from our chats on twitta) and May to December.