Monday, June 6, 2011

MMA Monday : That One Time When Rob Said F***

Cheeri-O! I don't know what kind of greeting that is.

I like speaking in a fake-British-meets-the-South kind of accent.

I also like using British "cuss" words...bloody hell, stuff like that.

I also love this boy who is British.

His name rhymes with Schmob Schmattinson. Perhaps you've heard of him.

Last night the MTV (aka More Twilight Victories) Movie Awards rocked my world.

Here are my Rob/KStew/Robsten/Twilight Highlights:

He kissed Taylor and said "don't worry I'll be gentle...I've kissed a guy before."
He told KStew that he wanted to take her backstage. (If I had been wearing panties, that line would have made them combust...fortunately I was going commando.)

He was adorkable and sexy as hell delivering his lines while giving Reese her award.  "You played my mother.  Then you played my lover...and we f*cked." (<----MTVBleeperFAIL)

Then Reese corrected his joke..."By the way, Rob.  You were supposed to say "I played your mother.  Then I played your lover, which makes you the best motherf*cker in Hollywood." (<---That's Tess's version.  I can't remember exactly how she worded it and I'm too lazy to Google it.)

#Team Twilight made a clean sweep...almost.  Only losing the "Best Breakout Performance".

It was just a total win all night long.  So much face time with Rob being on stage off and on all night. 

THEN...THE MOMENT...the Breaking Dawn trailer presented by the Trifecta.

I have two words "BROKEN HEADBOARD".

Thank you Bill.  You made my year.  The broken headboard is to Breaking Dawn what the leg hitch was to Eclipse.  Essential.

To put the cherry on top, there were Robsten moments abounding at the after party and backstage.

I just couldn't have been a happier fangirl.

It was like Christmas and Rob was Santa (a hott hott ass Santa)...and we got everything on our wish list.

What did you think of the MMAs?

What was your favorite Rob/KStew/Robsten/Twilight moment?

Tell me how you feel about the BD trailer??

Let's fangirl together...c'mon it'll be fun.  *squeeeeee*

Trixie & Tess


hotpants™ said...

We've already talked about this via Twitter, but...

I loved all of Rob's moments. He was just full of himself all night long. I guess my favorite moment would have to be when he dropped the F-bomb. Even Chandler Handler look surprised.

The trailer is, well, the bestest thing to happen in 2011. November can't get here fast enough.

hotpants™ said...

That's supposed to say CHELSEA not Chandler. Ahahahahaha!

MiMi said...

The broken headboard almost made me piss my pants. And is it wrong that them making out sort creeps me out/turns me on?? I need help. That's Taylor and Rob, btw. OY!

MamaTink said...

I loved how spontaneous and naughty he was! Can I spank him?

Fiona said...

Favourite part of the trailer? Sexy naked back :0

Fiona said...

Oh, and Mimi, I love me a bit of boy-on-boy action too ;)

MrsKassieCullen said...

It was a squee fest for me! We had a group Skype chat going that included Me, UtterlyAbsurdBella, BellaTesoro, RobAddict, Robzsinger, hisbella, and 17foreverlisa.

My favorite part had to be when Rob's F bomb made it on air.. second to that would be the kiss. Hell if Rob and Kristen won't kiss I'll take what I can get. Even a Rob/Taylor kiss! There was some swaying, lip locking(hey I saw what I saw lol), Taylor grabbing the back of Rob's head, a forehead kiss and a hand kiss too! Third favorite would have to be "I ripped your head off.. now you're pregnant."

Over all Twilight kicked ass! And if HP fans don't like it... well it's their own fault for not voting.. you snooze you lose!

RobzSinger said...

tess, you're such a chip off the ole block. i love this post.

i could watch that kiss clip 100 times...and most likely will. rob's face when he is shutting her down is so adorable. can't. get. enough.

smart girl, going commando. hahaha

who did win best breakout star? i missed that one.

Bill Condon is my hero. That trailer is fantastic.

Sunday was so much fun, a fangirl dream come true.

Love the Robsten hand hold.

They should just rename it the Rob Awards and get it over with.


Boobies said...

I can't even deal!!

I can't help that I secretly hate K-Stew though...just sayin.