Friday, July 22, 2011

BCon, A Wonky Haircut, and Fan Fic

BCon, that's my new name for Bill Condon. We're tight. I'm thinking of starting a blog just for him.

He may be my new crush. I just love that he gets us, ya know? He cares so much for this Saga and these characters that make up our wonderful world of Twilight...and it means so much. *tear*

Next, Rob's wonky haircut.

 Didn't seem to keep Kristen's hands off of him. *WIN*
 He could shave his head and still give good Jaw P0rn.
 Thank God, the sex stare doesn't require a good haircut.
(a few of the above pics and MANY more can be found on Melbie Toast's Tumblr)
That's the Panty Dropper, folks.  If yours didn't just fall off or melt into a pile of goo, there is something wrong with you and you should proceed to the nearest doctor's office to have your pulse checked. STAT.

And last, but not least a little fic talk.

I've been reading The Screamers by KiyaRaven (@KiyaRaven on Twitter) and it is amazing...SUPER funny and a bit ridiculous at times, but one of the best I've read.  She's got a great talent for balancing the angst with the humor...and of course the LEMONS.  We can't forget about the juicy, tart, lemony goodness.  The Bella in this fic is strong and has overcome so many adversities in her life and somehow she manages to maintain her sanity...and snag a WAY HOTT and famous, Edward Cullen.  One of the most fabulous and crazy things Kiya does in this fic is introduce RPattz as a character.  I told her that she totally made my two worlds collide...and that I loved her for it.  I still have about 9 chapters left to read, thank goodness, because I'm not ready for it to be over yet!

What are your thoughts on Comic Con, BCon, and Rob's side mullet?

Reading any good fics?

Hope you all have a great weekend!

OH, and tomorrow is Trixie's birthday...she's 29 (of course), wish her a happy birthday!!

I love you guys. hard.



MiMi said...

That hair distracts me!

TheRugbymom said...

The Screamers was great!

I'm reading A Thousand Leaves

Dangrdafne said...

Happy Belated Birthday Trixie!!!

Date Girl said...

Love the jaw porn but that hair is TERRIBLE. What is the deal? I hope he did it for a part because there's no other reason for that.

I'm intrigued by this fan fic!