Monday, August 15, 2011

Tess Vlogs: FOOOORKS!, EW, and FF

Before you start yelling at me through the computer screen, after having a good night's sleep and plenty of coffee this morning, I know that I read FRIDAY'S AT NOON and ONCE UPON A SATURDAY last week.  I'm not a complete moron.  I swear.  I just come across that way on camera...and it adds 10lbs...and bad hair and pimples, no wait, I blame that on Aunt Flo.

So, here's a few links (title and author are linked, just click on the names) :

RaW = Righteous and Wicked by cherry.blossomz
Fridays at Noon by troublefollows1
Once Upon a Saturday by troublefollows1
The Weight of Words by georgiegirl
Somewhere Only We Know by @Suzie55 (I recommend EVERYTHING she's written!)
Animate Me by @abstractway

I hope this vlog doesn't keep us from being friends.  I would like to say I'm not that annoying in person, but it's not true.  And I can't lie.  You go to Coweta for lying and I hate that place.

Here's a few reminders:
-Send your snail mail addy to me at trixieandtess(at)yahoo(dot)com or jennykate77(at)gmail(dot)com, if you want a postcard from Forks.
-Comment on this post letting me know, if you want a chance at winning an EW w/ the Breaking Dawn cover!

Trixie & Tess

Friday, August 12, 2011

Rob Won An Adidas Sweepstakes

So, earlier this week Rob and Sam were seen around LA buying groceries...and apparently, Rob won an Adidas Sweepstakes or he has a new obsession for all things Adidas.  Something like that, because he was decked out from head to toe in Adidas.  No complaints from me.  He could wear Hammer pants for all I care.
(Pics from Robstenation)

His new Adidas wardrobe could also be courtesy of the Teen Choice Awards...they might have provided the swag bags?

Rob still had wonky hair at the Teen ...but it doesn't really matter.  I could stare at that face all day (and all night...above me or below me, I'm an equal opportunity kinda girl.)

(Pics from JustJared)

Hello, handsome.

Gah, how does Kristen survive that on a regular basis?

Kills me *ded*.

I'm going to do a vlog this weekend and post it next week.  I have a little project I want to do for Forks and some Fan Fic to discuss.  So, that'll be up on Monday or Tuesday...and possibly a little giveaway, if any of you lovelies are interested??  Hmmm??

Tell me what Fic you're reading right now.

Also, what are you top 3 Fics of all time?

Hope you girls have a great weekend!! *muah*
Trixie & Tess

Thursday, August 11, 2011

100 Monkeys Concert and Jackson Rathbone P0rn

As many of you know, I went to the 100 Monkeys concert with the lovely @JiffSimpson on Tuesday night! I popped my 100 Monkeys longer a 100 Monkeys virgin.

Of course, we were totally on our best behavior. Ok, maybe not. But we had the BEST time! Right, Jiff? We had fun...didn't we?

We met some people, made some new Twitter friends and Jackson called me "doll"...probably the highlight of my night! Good thing Jiff made me get at the end of the line and sober up or I might not have even remembered our conversation. Thank you, Jiff! I owe you...oh, and thanks for talking me out of telling him about my BJ skillz. First drink in Forks is on me! ;)

So, you wanna hear about Jackson calling me doll? Ok, short and sweet. I was standing in line waiting to get some autographs (I wish I hadn't had those last two "Cherry Limeades"). I decided I needed a Wings on Fire t-shirt and a 100 Monkeys slap bracelet (I LOVE slap bracelets), so I handed the nice girl my debit card, but then I was close enough to Jackson that I was in a J-trance. Any of you who've seen/met him in person know what I'm talking about. I passed him my concert ticket and asked him for his autograph (reminding myself that Jiff told me the BJ discussion was the wrong way to go) and trying to keep my composure. I didn't want to go all fangirl on him. What I didn't realize was that the girl was trying to give me my card and receipt back...again, in a J-trance. So, he looked up at me, smiling, and said "there you go, doll"...and kinda winked. Yep, panty dropper.

Here's a few of my favorite pics from the concert:

 What a freakin' cutie!!
 *money shot*

 *panty dropper*

It was a good night for this junkie.  Hope you all get a chance to go to a 100 Monkeys concert while they're touring!!  It was a super fun show and I walked away loving their music even more than I did before I went.

Have you been to a 100 Monkeys Concert?  Planning on going?  Tell me about it!
Trixie & Tess