Friday, August 12, 2011

Rob Won An Adidas Sweepstakes

So, earlier this week Rob and Sam were seen around LA buying groceries...and apparently, Rob won an Adidas Sweepstakes or he has a new obsession for all things Adidas.  Something like that, because he was decked out from head to toe in Adidas.  No complaints from me.  He could wear Hammer pants for all I care.
(Pics from Robstenation)

His new Adidas wardrobe could also be courtesy of the Teen Choice Awards...they might have provided the swag bags?

Rob still had wonky hair at the Teen ...but it doesn't really matter.  I could stare at that face all day (and all night...above me or below me, I'm an equal opportunity kinda girl.)

(Pics from JustJared)

Hello, handsome.

Gah, how does Kristen survive that on a regular basis?

Kills me *ded*.

I'm going to do a vlog this weekend and post it next week.  I have a little project I want to do for Forks and some Fan Fic to discuss.  So, that'll be up on Monday or Tuesday...and possibly a little giveaway, if any of you lovelies are interested??  Hmmm??

Tell me what Fic you're reading right now.

Also, what are you top 3 Fics of all time?

Hope you girls have a great weekend!! *muah*
Trixie & Tess


Munkee said...

Lemme just say, I hate the outfit. Completely. But yeah, he could wear a paper bag. Preferably a tiny one.

MrsKassieCullen said...

I was wondering the same thing about the hat... if you're going to go all out Adidas you might as well do the hat too. I love that he wore this, Adidas is my go to for everything. I should totes put on all my Adidas stuff (a-la Joey Tribbiani lol) 2 hats, 3 shirts, 4 pairs of pants pants, socks (yes I wear Adidas socks), sandals and take a pic it would be awesome lol.

The complete fic I'm currently reading is Edward Cullen Dick for Hire. Private Investigator Edward is snarky, swear-y, hot and funny. There is competing PI Bella. Lots of sexual tension. This story also has a mystery that I haven't unraveled yet. It's really good. I won't even mention how many updates I read on a weekly basis :)

MiMi said...

I'm still not understanding the wacky hair...

Jaymes805 said...

I'm guessing it was swag.. because he doesn't seem like the type to go buy a bunch of Adidas stuff.

Hmm top 3 fics of all time. I've only read like 7 haha. So here goes:

The Best Man

Dangrdafne said...

Cocktails and Dreams (been down for awhile)
Illegal Contact
Edward Wallbanger