Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Twilight Tuesdays

Summit is doing us a kindness and they are going to re-release Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse one night each during the month of November!  They will play in theaters across the country starting on November 1st, with added bonus features such as; behind the scenes footage, comic con footage, and interviews with the cast!!

I'm kinda stoked for the Twilight Tuesday events. It's been a long time since I saw Twilight at the theaters (6 times). Almost 3 years ago...where has the time gone?

Oh, right. Fangirling. Obsessing. Drooling over The Precious.

Time well spent, if you ask me.

I don't know about you, but I'm not ready for this ride to be over...I'd sign up for another 3 years.

Where do I re-enlist?

Check your local theaters (through Fandango, possibly) and see if they are playing at a theater near you!

TwilightMoms.com has all the details. (click here)
Trixie & Tess

Monday, October 10, 2011

#FORKS2011 - PSA

As I'm sorting through my 569 photos of my #FORKS2011 trip, I'm trying to decide how to post them and give you guys the full story without boring you to death with a major pic spam. So, I've decided to break them up into several blog posts. This first one consists of pictures from my iPhone. We all know that the real story is on the iPhone. You take pics with your iPhone (or other smart phone) that you wouldn't/didn't/shouldn't/couldn't take with your regular camera.

Think of these next few pictures as my personal Public Service Announcement for traveling to Forks. 

Plan to *squeeeeee* a lot at road signs.  I don't know what it is...just the tangible fact that you're in the land of Twitardia or what, but it initiates this frenzy...you really lose all control.

Go to Sully's.  They give you fangs with your Bella Burger and/or your Twilight Punch.  BUT be careful.  Fangs lead to hours of ridiculousness...and you could get black listed at Sully's.  I'm guess mine and Jiff's names are on there..."those that shall never be allowed to dine here again...from henceforth..." or something like that.

Frisking is what?  Good.  Right.  Do it.  LOTS.  And document it.  You'll thank yourself later.  And the weird dude in the parking lot will thank you too.  I was wondering if perhaps they have a surveillance camera set up to catch all the shenanigans that take place in the parking lot of the Forks Chamber of Commerce?

Go to the Cullen House...right next door to the Chamber of Commerce, if for nothing else than to participate in more shenanigans in Carlisle's Office...and take cheesy pictures in front of the graduation caps.  And the dude that runs the joint is really nice...and they have a pretty white kitty (so, heads up if you're allergic).

EVERYONE capitalizes on Steph's little story...and I mean EVERYONE...from the Forks Hospital to the little shack that sells firewood on your way out of town (Twilight Firewood...really?!  I highly doubt it was called that prior to 2008.)

Re-enact as many scenes as possible.  Come on.  When else will you be able to just walk to the edge of a forest with a cardboard Edward and say "say it...out loud" and your friends just laugh hysterically with you?!  Let me tell you.  NEVER.  So, take advantage of your location.
(while watching Twilight in our motel room that morning, we decided that this is how the "Distract Me" scene should have went down.)
If you run across a wooden lumberjack in the Forks Motel parking lot, it is NOT mounted properly.  Leg hitch with caution...especially while intoxicated.

Don't poop in The Hoh.  It's frowned upon.

Wherever you are...driving down the 101, venturing out into the Olympic National Forest, cruising through La Push...HONK FOR DEER. It's crucial.

We've found that they are quite lethargic and just asking to be hit.  So, do your good deed for the day and save a deers life.  It could be Edward's next meal.

This concludes my PSA for today.

No Pocket Edwards or deer were harmed during these events.  However,  a wooden lumberjack may be a tad bit more unstable.

Trixie & Tess

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

#FORKS2011 - This Is How We Do It

I don't think a lot of introduction is needed here. I went to Forks with a bunch of awesome people, the most awesomest being my roomies, Jiff and Michelle.

These are some of our adventures in the PNW.

I'll be back soon with a crap load of pics and my #FORKS2011flashbacks. I've got travel tips, insider info, and a few things you do NOT want to miss while you're there!

Hope you guys are having a great week!! *MUAH*
Trixie & Tess