Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Southern Comfort Review on TLS

Jiff and I are LOVING Twifanmom's review of Southern Comfort.  She has been a huge supporter and we could not have asked for a better review!

We swear we didn't pay her...unless Rob porn counts. 

Here's a little bit of what she had to say:

Reviewed by: Twi Fanmom

After scrolling through the list of nominated fics, wanting to read some so that I could be an educated voter, I was immediately intrigued by the title of Southern Comfort.  Hey, I’m a Georgia Girl, so I can easily relate to anything based in the South.  Plus, who hasn’t had a drink made with Southern Comfort, lovingly referred to as SoCo?  I started this story, only putting it down to feed my children and catch a few hours of sleep.  Seeing that a reviewer was needed, I jumped on it, thinking how hard can it be…you’ve just finished reading it and loved it.  Problem is, with seventeen chapters of fantastic, hilarious stuff, I basically wanted to copy and paste the entire story as the review. 

The authors of this story are a fabulously humorous team!  Jiff and JennyKate, both former Southern gals, will have you laughing out loud at the southern mannerisms and terminology of each character.  But the humor, as wonderful as it is, doesn’t overshadow the readers’ ability to feel the emotions of the characters.  One of my absolute favorite parts of this story is the song title they choose for chapter names and the A/Ns at the end.  The humorous, often *ahem* raunchy banter between the two is a must read!  Jiff and JK have been wonderful with review replies and we have bonded through our Cajunward Tweets!

Southern Comfort is based in French Settlement, Louisiana at The Cullen Plantation.  Bella descends upon the Plantation to photograph and write an article for Southern Living Magazine.  Given the geographical location of the story, and the often used Cajun terms, the Cullen family – Esme, Carlisle, Emmett and Edward – is quite different from other characters I’ve experienced in fanfic.  For example, the family uses the terms choux rouge, canaille, faiblesse…forcing Bella to “conclude right then that people need a passport to come down here.”  Don’t worry, JiffyKate, offers a Cajun term dictionary at the end of each chapter!

Bella quickly befriends Emmett & Edward, sharing dinner with them at the restaurant they own.  She discovers that not all pockets are the same.
As we walk inside, a girl with blonde hair pulled up in a ponytail greets us. She asks Emmett where he's been all night. Then she looks at me and says, "Welcome to Hot Pockets!"
When she walks away, I read the back of her shirt. It says, "Is that a gator in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"
To read more of the SoCo review and the other awesome reviews, go HERE!
Jenny Kate♥

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