Monday, June 11, 2012

FotW at The Lemonade Stand, Rob P0rn, and Southern Comfort

Jiff and I did good.  Southern Comfort made it into the top 5 last week on FotW @ The Lemonade Stand!  If you voted for us, THANK YOU...a million times over.  If you're reading our story, THANK YOU...with a nice *smack to the ass*!  

Any and all support is much appreciated.  

To show you exactly how appreciative I am, I'd like to share my #ToothpickPorn with are. welcome.

Rob made smoking hot, but he's making toothpicks HOTTER!!  I, for one, am so thankful he's not smoking any more.  I want to be able to fangirl over him when I have purple hair (a nice bright purple) and am living it up at Shady Pines.  

Hopefully, they'll hand out Rob posters for Bingo prizes!

I am just head-over-heels in love with the toothpick...and Rob.  

*le sigh*

Jiff and I started a blog for SoCo!  The creative genius, that is RoseArcadia, designed it for us.  We are backing up our story there; and also posting fic recs, recipes, pictures, etc. - Stop by and visit us!

Hope you're all having a tolerable Monday!  *MWAH*

Jenny Kate♥

Trixie & Tess